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Ugly Betty Stays Home

Beauty might be only skin deep, but a great personality isn't going to get you in the door of that ritzy club. When the sun sets, doormen everywhere assume the position of Saint Peter, permitting the stylish and beautiful to pass through the nightlife version of the Pearly Gates. Those who don't fit the bill are cast back into an upper-crust socialite’s notion of Hell: dive bars. If you've got it (fancy clothes and connections), Flaunt Fridays at The Fifth is the place to show it. Tonight the club is throwing a Playboy issue-release party. Sarah Elizabeth, November's Playmate of the Month, hosts the event and adds to the pretty factor. And because even hotties like to dance, DJs Ani Phearce and Louis Dee drop a booty-shaking open format set. Doors open at 10:00, and the cover is $20. Call 305-538-9898, or visit
Fridays, 2006


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