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Tyra-nnosaurus Wrecks

Model and wannabe mogul Tyra Banks worked really hard to be noticed for more than her ample bosom and expansive forehead. With her once popular reality show, America's Next Top Model, she brought competitive posing and strutting to reality TV. And her Tyra Banks Show added to the questionable good taste of daytime television. A classic episode featured Banks packed tightly into a fat suit -- you know, because every chubby American lady wants to see a supermodel sweat it out as a heavy broad to show how difficult it is to be overweight. Thanks, Ty. In her next effort to replace our good memories of Oprah as the queen of the media world, Banks penned the first in a trilogy for young adults called Modelland. The fantasy novel teaches girls to like themselves through the tale of aspiring model, 15-year-old Tookie De La Crème (porn name joke omitted). This Monday, Banks will engage in a group discussion about Modelland at Books & Books. Tickets include a signed copy of the book.
Mon., Sept. 19, 6 p.m., 2011


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