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Twisting the Night Away

What's better than a gaggle of gays all in one place? Gays on the move! Tonight the streets of South Beach will be crawling with gay men partaking in the first-and-we-hope-not-last Equality Florida Bar Crawl, benefiting gay rights organization Equality Florida. The crawl bops around the various gay bars on the Beach, beginning at Palace at 8 p.m., continuing on to Halo at 10, Score at midnight, and wrapping up at Twist at 2 a.m. Each venue will provide complimentary Absolut cocktails for the first hour and a half, which means six hours of free liquor!

We're happy to drink ourselves silly to help Equality Florida, which does some great work — it’s fighting that ridiculous law that bans gay people from adopting kids in our state. How embarrassing! That law needs to go. The night will be a fun one regardless of the greater purpose, with the "ladies" of the Queen Cabaret drag revue performing throughout the evening. Entrance is $30 — wait, $30 for open bar all night?!? Dang, that's the best deal in town. Call the Equality Florida office at 305-573-4499 for more information and the addresses of the bars. As if you don't know where Twist is already, you lush. Visit
Sat., March 15, 2008


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