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Tuna Melt

A Bill Parcells-led team has not won a playoff game since the Clinton administration. He’s notorious for moving from one organization to the next on a whim. He left the Dallas Cowboys a mess and is routinely given way too much credit for the new Giants teams he coached (but was built by other people) to the Super Bowl. As the football czar for the Miami Dolphins, he drafted Pat White, signed injury-prone offensive linemen, chased out a franchise icon, and failed to deliver a franchise quarterback. And while the team he left in shambles took a giant dump on the field the past two seasons, the NFL Network was busy filming a documentary about his life in which Peter King verbally massaged Parcells’s large ego. Imagine if Parcells actually accomplished something. Would the NFL Network have deified him? Would it have dipped his man-boobs in gold? You can watch his dreadful Dolphins this Sunday when they host the Cleveland Browns at Sun Life Stadium.
Sun., Dec. 5, 1 p.m., 2010


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