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Trickle Toes

In 1960, experimental composer John Cage went on the TV show I’ve Got a Secret to make music with a mechanical fish, a rubber duck, a water pitcher, and ice cubes. The presenter warned Cage that although the audience was a friendly crowd, some of them weren’t going to laugh. He responded that he considered laughter preferable to tears.

Avant garde music isn’t for everyone, but Cage’s piece “Water Walk” is the inspiration behind Ana Mendez’s performance at the Afterhours program this Thursday at Miami Art Museum. She and fellow dancer Aja Albertson will perform Waking Spell, an improvisational dance set to spontaneous musical cues performed by Richard Vergez and Federico Nessi. Mendez explains that prerecorded footsteps will be their metronome and that some sounds will be left up to chance (think a teakettle boiling water and whistling). In addition to taking in this music and dance installation, meet artists Kevin Arrow and Manny Prieres, hear a Talking Head Transmitters segment on modern dance, and learn about Lara Stein Pardo’s project, Mapping Miami.
Thu., Aug. 19, 6 p.m., 2010


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