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Treat Yourself, Dollface

Saks Fifth Avenue is internationally known as one of the most upscale department stores. It is where the Monopoly man would shop for monocles, and where C. Montgomery Burns would select his latest animal-skin vest. But every now and then, the working girl wants to live the glamorous life. Ladies, today is your day. Strut into the cosmetics department, pull up a chair, and prepare to treat yourself. Some ultra high-end skincare lines are offering facials at Saks Fifth Avenue. Today from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the polished-counter mavens at La Prairie (call 305-865-1100, ext. 5443), SKII (call 305-865-1100, ext. 5362), and Kanebo (call 305-865-1100, ext. 5439) will be offering in-store skin treatments and consultations. A minimum purchase is generally required for a complimentary facial, so make sure you call ahead to schedule an appointment and get more information. Visit
Fri., Nov. 10


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