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Traveling Without Moving

Dying to cross the pond this summer but can’t afford the airline ticket? No worries -- just stay put and let Europe come to you. Austria’s Arpeggione Chamber Orchestra is making a return trip to participate in Summerfest 2007. The orchestra will join the Symphony of the Americas -- South Florida’s international orchestral ensemble -- for concerts July 15 through August 26 from Miami to Melbourne.

The Arpeggione Chamber Orchestra features topnotch soloists and a diverse repertoire honed through many performances across Europe. Be prepared for an array of selections, with pieces ranging from the Argentine tangos of Astor Piazzolla to works by Rossini and Sarasate, as well as American composer Edward Hart’s “3 Gullah Tunes.” For those who don’t want to venture too far to satisfy their music jones, the performance at Renaissance Ballroom is a good solution for that coveted lazy Sunday. The concert tonight begins at 6:00, and admission is free. For the Summerfest schedule, call 305-266-1122 or visit
Sun., July 22, 6 p.m.


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