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Trancing in the Dark

In the past, dwellers of the dark had to drive 45 minutes north to Fort Lauderdale to get their fix of latex, whips, and industrial music. Now parties catering to masochists and sadists have sprung up everywhere, giving sexual deviants a place to explore their fascination with pain. Fetishists can thank the founders of the now-defunct goth party "The Church" for the resurrection of the newest freak fest. The monthly Salvation party at Studio A showcases exotic dancers and performance artists with body piercings and suspension exhibitions. In addition to people hanging from their skin, there are also fetish art and fashion shows. DJs Carlos Menendez and Danny Bled spin dark beats such as ethereal gothic, trance, Eighties New Wave, trip-hop, and more. Electronica quartet Formula Redux will also perform live. Doors open at 10:00. Admission is ten dollars. Call 305-358-7625, or visit
Sun., July 23


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