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We're always on the lookout for art that seeps outside of the streets of Wynwood. This month, South Florida screen print artist Rocky Grimes is exhibiting and selling his one-of-a-kind designs at "Normal Absurdity," an art show at Kidrobot in Miami Beach.

As far as Grimes, you may know him for his clothing line Faction, fresh t-shirts with neon and pastel color palettes that depict savage scenes of hipsters behaving badly. (On one, a masked vigilante is decapitating someone else with a Casio keyboard.)

Otherwise, you may have seen Grimes's work at Dustin Orlando's comeback show "Believe the Hype" earlier this year. And during one Art Basel, he was that guy pushing a cart through Wynwood streets, doing live screen printing for the masses, deliberately outside the walls of corporate-sponsored art shows.
June 7-July 7, 2010


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