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Touch My Thorax

Does feeling tiny get you all randy? Do you want to feel dominated, vulnerable, and totally insignificant? Wish something you normally squish could finally squish you? Well, take away the latex and leather — and add wings — and you've got some giant frickin' bugs. Or play God and be an all-powerful force of nature: Combine insects with Transformers trucks, exoskeletons with hydraulics, and technology with biology. Now you've got some giant, robotic frickin' bugs.

This Wednesday, visit the traveling exhibition "World of Giant Insects" at Miami Metrozoo. There will be a praying mantis taller than you, as well as beetles, a honeybee, and a caterpillar — all robotic, animated, and really big. Families will be there, though, so keep everything PG and wear the latex under your jeans. Kinky.
Wed., Feb. 3, 10 a.m., 2010


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