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Totally, Dude!

There aren’t many professions where tight pants, big hair, and hard living are applauded, but when a rock star clocks in, those are exactly the traits that make stadium crowds scream. After you down a few shots of Jäger, your friends might give you the title, but just try going to your job high as a kite, slurring incomprehensibly, and see who gives you a standing ovation. But each week at Club Nikki, Rockstar Sundays will have you playing the role as you pound back fresh sugar cane mojitos and strum your air guitar inside one of SoBe’s newest venues.

Not to worry. This is the same spot where A-list celebs, jet setters, and locals merge to dance to hot, worldly beats – it’s just been revamped. What used to be your favorite champagne lounge, Pearl, is now Club Nikki, and when you see the aerialists floating over your head and the go-go dancers popping to the grooves of Playboy favorite DJ Snezana, you’ll forget the past and rock straight into the future. Get your groove going from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.
Sundays, 2008


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