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Tooting Our Own Horn

For two decades, the publication you’re reading has been proudly pissing off public officials, featuring stories from the streets, and shining a light on the Magic City’s cultural luminaries. It’s been a wonderful and crazy 20 years, and to celebrate this special almost-legal-age anniversary of Miami New Times, we’re throwing a party to remember. And you’re invited!

Artopia at Parkwest Nightclub will be a multimedia happening that brings together some of the most talented local artists and musicians while celebrating our city’s unique cultural diversity. Expect a spectacle featuring the likes of Raffa and Rainer, Awesome New Republic, DJ Le Spam and the Spam Allstars, DJ Hottpants, Circ X, Crunk Punks, artist Adam Schrimmer, and fashion from Rucht D’Oleo and US/Style Lab. There’ll be plenty to imbibe with complimentary Belvedere vodka cocktails, as well as appetizers from the Fish House, Exquisito, Risque Bakery, and other local eateries.
Sat., Jan. 19, 2008


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