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To the Future and Beyond

When fans think of John Hancock ANR’s sound, “electronic” might not necessarily be the first genre description that comes to mind. Nevertheless the talented fixture on the Miami music scene cites programmed music among his many influences. “When I think of electronic music, I’m thinking of stuff that uses nonorganic elements. I’ve always made my music with computers; I don’t really limit myself,” explains the always-entertaining Michael John Hancock. He mentions as his sonic inspirations Sly Stone’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On (“my favorite album ever,” he says), producer extraordinaire Giorgio Moroder, and the foreboding director-composed soundtracks to John Carpenter’s films. Tonight’s awesomely named Genghis Khancert will feature an inspiring lineup, including Otto Von Schirach, Dino Felipe, Ramburglar, and PG-13. Glowstick-sporting nightclub regulars should not show up ready to roll candy-rave style circa 1992. “Everyone that’s performing has a really future-oriented, progressive approach to music. We’re not trying to appease the crowd; we’re trying to confront it,” says Hancock. Come one, come all to Studio A, 60 NE Eleventh St., Miami. Admission is ten dollars. Visit
Wed., Aug. 30


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