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Time to Say Goodbye, Again

Romance does not typically bloom amid 12,000 souls jam-packed into BankAtlantic Center. But if you put on Romanza, the first greatest hits album by Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, well, that’s a different story. Sure, practically anything Italian comes across as sexy. But when those dulcet tones emanate from the voice box of Bocelli, its time to buy stock in love. You might recognize Bocelli as the scruffy-haired, salt-and-pepper bearded, blind guy that specializes in duets with some of the sweetest voiced ladies around, including Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman. His “Time to Say Goodbye” is one of the most melancholic love songs of the past two decades. Bocelli’s range and accomplishments are the stuff of legend, especially across the Atlantic. He’s recorded 13 solo albums in genres including pop, classical, and opera, and sold more than 70 million albums worldwide — making him the best-selling solo artist in classical music history. He’s won a Grammy and Golden Globe, been nominated for an Academy Awards for original song, and has a place in Guinness Book of World Records for holding the top three positions of the U.S. classical album charts simultaneously. The acclaimed singer will be letting those pipes loose this Monday, Valentine’s Day.
Mon., Feb. 14, 6:30 p.m., 2011


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