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Thrust That Stuff

Pull up a chair and grind on it. Plunge your hindparts into the seat, and those shoulders — ohhh, you better shake those like a tambourine. You'd better whirl your girls like the teacup ride at Disney World. And once you've released all of those atrocious, stiff-as-a-Weekend at Bernie's dance moves, sign up for Exotic Chair Dance class at Body Sense Studio. Because there, you will learn the art of seated seduction and get a no-impact workout that won't make you blush when you combine increased core strength with naughty pelvic thrusts.

More important, you'll take this class for what it does to you inside. It takes a woman of supreme confidence to drag a chair into the middle of her living room and put on a show that Champagne, Porsche, and Diamond would be proud of.

Thu., Jan. 21, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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