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Thrill of the Loss

The Miami Heat has won a total of one game in 2008. The team is the embodiment of utter craptitude. Even when the players give their best effort, they somehow blow the game. The losses are mounting, and every matchup is an exhilarating journey into Suckville. Each game is the same: The ball is tipped off and the comedy ensues. Ricky Davis shoots brick after brick, Pat Riley grows a year older before our eyes, and D-Wade has another wasted 30-point night.

At least they’ve been entertaining. The Heat has become a fast-break team, good defense be damned. Tonight Miami welcomes the equally entertaining Golden State Warriors. So it should be a slugfest of a game -- until about the last minute or so, when the Heat find a way to blow it yet again. But, hey, things could be worse; they could be coached by Isaiah Thomas. It goes down at 7:30 at the American Airlines Arena.
Fri., March 7, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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