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Thrice as Nice

So far your quest to dream up a good reason to leave work early on Fridays has been a bust. Your migraine excuse is getting old, and the diarrhea one? Even older. But we’ll give you an alibi that even your boss will back you up on. It’s the newest happy hour at the Grove Isle Hotel & Spa, 3 for All Fridays, built for those with either the luxury to leave work early or the balls to not give a damn. No matter which category you’re in, we know you’ll love the early-afternoon start time, the three-for-one specials on drinks and appetizers, and the complimentary valet. And if none of that pleases you, the amazing view will seal the deal.

“We have the best view. It’s a true, true waterfront. You may fall in if you drink too many martinis, because the water is right there,” says Liz Martinez, director of club membership. Three-for-one martinis? Watch out, we just might push you in. RSVP or e-mail questions to
Fridays, 2007


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