Three Days, 75 Shows, 600 Hours of Music

Unlike most massive weekend-long smorgasbords of tuneage, the three-day Miami Music Festival is almost entirely focused on the local scene. With the exception of a few bands such as Greenpoint, New York’s Big Suga, the festival will be presenting 75 separate shows packed with 600-something individual sets by South Floridian artists repping every permutation of Miami music from hip-hop to Latin to indie, and beyond.

Kicking off this Thursday and running through Saturday, the MMF is guaranteed to be a sprawling, non-stop series of pure party moments. Every night around 9 p.m., local notables like Hood City, Jose El Rey, and Awesome New Republic will storm the Festival Tents and a bunch of Brickell area bars — including Transit Lounge, Tobacco Road, and RedBar — not to mention farther flung joints such as Bayside’s Hard Rock Café and Club Mekka in downtown. Luckily though, most performers will be playing multiple times throughout the weekend, so if you plan carefully, you might see, like, a quarter of your top picks. It’s time to start your spreadsheets.
Dec. 10-12, 8 p.m., 2009


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