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This Jazz Freakin’ Rocks!

You knew that many of those noodly thrash-metal virtuosos from the Eighties would stick around in other genres, didn’t you? They’re still out there in jazz combos or writing excessively baroque numbers for symphonies, but the king of this segue is perhaps Alex Skolnick. The brilliant guitarist began his career as a teen prodigy in Testament, one of the most significant early thrash bands. He also played with Clearwater’s Savatage, the Stu Hamm band, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and others. Now he’s armed with a BFA in jazz (really!), but he must also have a minor in humor. What else can explain the Alex Skolnick Trio? With bassist Nathan Peck and drummer Matt Zebroski by his side, Skolnick not only performs original, improvisational compositions but also jazzed-up versions of tunes by Judas Priest, Pink Floyd, and other classic rockers. Now even the snootiest music snobs can laugh with him instead of at him. The arpeggios flutter at 10:30 p.m. at the Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club, 6701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Admission is $20. Call 305-779-5322, or visit
Thu., Sept. 14


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