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This Isn’t Haiku

It’s not easy to convert the innards of your soul into scrawled words on paper and then wax rhapsodic into a microphone as hundreds of judging eyes stare at you. Not easy, but if you’re a member of Team DaDa-Delray National, you damn sure make it look that way. Led by slam master Chris Imperial and including local poets and spoken-word artists such as Alexis Caputo, Deborah Magdalena, and Raff Adams, the team was chosen to participate in this year’s Olympic Poetry Competition in Wisconsin. They’ll be competing against 84 teams of poetry slammers, and as the only South Floridians to receive this honor, they get a snapping standing ovation by us. As a warmup to the main event, the group will perform live Friday night at Words of Mass Destruction. In addition to being a celebration of poetry and spoken word, the evening is about inspiring at-risk youths and exposing people to an often-overlooked part of our community: the homeless. So while you sit back and enjoy the creatively convoluted phraseology of the artists, smile — you’re doing something good. The show takes place from 7 to 9 at the Wallflower Gallery. Admission is $10 and includes free grub (while it lasts). E-mail for more information.
Fri., July 25, 2008


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