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If you go to the movies to escape the harsh realities of your hectic life, stop reading here. If you’re angry at the world, the system, and your fucking boss, press on to the next sentence. Like clockwork, on the most-hated day of the week, Sweat Records, one of Miami’s best-known purveyors of cool, screens films you won’t see at the megaplex. This week’s feature at Music Movie Mondays was a selection at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. It tells the tale of a genre of music that is all about hard, fast, and loud. American Hardcore, a documentary chock full of performances and interviews, relates the birth and growth of one of the most rebellious forms of music.

If bands such as Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Fear are on your iPod, you’ll definitely be into this flick. But it’s not a requirement. The sheer energy and powerful imagery of this film will hook even the most anti-punk theatergoer. It didn’t get Robert Redford’s stamp of approval for being mediocre. The show starts at 8 p.m.
Mon., Sept. 1, 2008


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