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They Thought it Wouldn’t Last

Jaded locals scoffed when Arturo Sandoval opened his jazz club last year. The Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club at the Deauville Beach Resort seemed like an anomaly, a throwback to a previous era when Miamians actually listened to instrumental music that wasn’t techno, and live performance didn’t prominently feature a dude wearing sunglasses at night bobbing behind a pair of turntables. Sandoval’s vision involved reclaiming the Deauville, the legendary Miami Beach hotel where the Beatles, Tony Bennett, and Barbra Streisand performed. Club attendees are expected to dress old-school classy, and the usual uniform of jeans-and-a-decent-shirt are to be left for more casual venues. Against the odds, Sandoval’s dream has lasted a full year.

To celebrate this milestone in Miami jazz, the club will feature an admirable lineup for the month of April. Greats like John Scofield, Joe Chambers, Marion Meadows, and Karrin Allyson will take the stage. And to kick off the monthlong fiesta, tonight Ernestine Anderson will sing her heart out before a rapt audience. Anderson has enjoyed a 50-year career that has brought her from the peaks of big-band fame to the valleys of post-Sixties rock and roll abandonment. Still she sings on, and her voice has been untarnished by the passage of time. Wish Sandoval congratulations tonight.
Fri., April 6, 9 p.m.


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