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They All Scream

Local quartet Ice Cream dubs its style “doom pop” and often plays the same kind of rough-around-the-edges DIY gigs as heavier acts like Slashpine. But despite some of its buddies’ metal-ish leanings, this group is almost as sweet as its namesake frozen dessert. Ignore the fact that the band favors deliberately gross or provocative single titles — “Stillbirth” and “Pussy Rot” among them. Much of it is jangly, happy, psychedelic pop, full of the occasional foray into droning or near-tropical experimentation. No wonder they’re BFFs with Animal Tropical, fellow locals with the same penchant for unexpected trips into sonic outer space. Ice Cream will be joined by two other acts for a free in-store show Saturday at Sweat Records. Gorgeous hails from Tallahassee, where founding members Shaw and Koral met while working at a bakery. They remained a duo, with Shaw handling drum duties and Koral as frontwoman/guitarist. Though they’re just a two-piece, they make an impressively loud, spazzy racket that is stripped-down punk rock at its finest. The bill is rounded out by Intentional Manslaughter, a loud and fast thrash/death-metal act from Miami. Ice Cream, Gorgeous, and Intentional Manslaughter don’t have much in common stylistically, besides a distaste for milquetoasty indie rock, but that kind of unexpected genre mixup is just fine — especially when admission is free.
Sat., Dec. 17, 8 p.m., 2011


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