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There Will Be Blood

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, a form of fighting. Bad Blood II: Battle of the Americas this Saturday at the BankUnited Center is an MMA fight. Jonathan Brookins is fighting Luis “Baboon” Palomino. Other people fighting are named Edson Diniz Fidelis, Alexis Vila, Marcos De Matta, Alan Arzeno, Zack Kluytenaar, Giovani Moljo, Yuri Silva, Mike Hyman, Brian Eckstein, Eddy Boza, Shane Weinischke, and Eric Luke.

Tickets start at $28.75 for students. Ringside seats cost $153.75. With any ticket, there is free parking. Part of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the Special Olympics.

Glen Rice is a former Miami Heat basketball player. He formed a company called G Force Promotions. That company is presenting this event. The National Basketball Association promoted Glen Rice to All-Star in 1996.
Sat., Sept. 26, 8 p.m., 2009


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