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The Walrus Was Paul

What’s that you say, ma’am? You’re nostalgic for bowl haircuts? You love dead pop stars credited with changing the course of popular music? Well, you’re in luck. The Beatles tribute band the Fab Faux will play the Parker Playhouse this Saturday, and no Yoko Ono in the world can stop them.

Composed of five musicians with steady jobs in the bands of Letterman, Conan, and Saturday Night Live, the Fab Faux is heralded as the best of those imitating the lads from Liverpool. In re-creating the Beatles’ obscure post-1966 songs, the group goes to great lengths to reproduce every detail of the album recordings — from sound effects to background noise. This is a tribute to the magic of the Beatles’ albums, not the bandmates’ celebrity, so there will be no matching dark suits or Sergeant Pepper-era gold-tasseled epaulettes.
Sat., July 18, 8 p.m., 2009


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