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The View Will Save You

Though the sticky floors and grimy glasses make your preppy soul cringe, you swear you love a good dive bar. And who wouldn’t? The discount drinks, colorful characters, and undeniably dirty peanuts would make any good lush happy. Still, we sense your disgust, even when you’re sloppy drunk and hanging off a moist barstool. Our city is chock full of places to go where the air smells more classy than, er, assy, and the newest place for you to take a break from 50-cent beers is The View Bar.

Situated atop the chic Regent Bal Harbour, this hot spot’s menu serves sliders that eschew blue-collar ground chuck for chi-chi Wagyu beef, and a signature cocktail blends Grey Goose Poire, pear nectar, and ruby port for a taste-bud-tickling delight. The Friday night cocktail hour will pry you away from your fave dive bar with the promise of complimentary hors d’oeuvres and champagne until 8 p.m. and drink specials and a DJ from 6 to 11.
Fridays, 2008


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