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The Tide Is High

They hover above the aqua waters, charmingly interrupting the horizon on the mud flats near Key Biscayne. Locals often gaze at Stiltsville in wonder from the shore or from boats as they cruise by. The history of the offshore community is as rich as the now-crumbling houses are beautiful. History buffs and outdoorsy types who love the ocean spray in their hair are in for a treat today: Dr. Paul George is leading the Stiltsville, Cape Florida, and Key Biscayne boat tour.

Anyone familiar with Dr. George knows to expect wave upon wave of informative tales during the oceanic adventure. While you drift on the typically placid waters, he will regale you with stories about the construction of these seven wonders, the folks who lived in them, and the reasons they left their slice of waterfront property behind. Admission is $42, and advance reservations are required. Because New Times named this outing Best Tour in its 2006 “Best of Miami” issue, it tends to sell out quickly, so call 305-375-1621 or visit to sign up soon for today’s experience, or for upcoming Saturday tours April 12 and May 3.
Sat., March 22, 2008


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