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The Supreme

For generations, Diana Ross has been inspiring gay men to strap wide, curly wigs on their skulls and belt out “Upside Down.” If there’s one diva who has shaped the look and sound of drag, it’s her. RuPaul, the queen of drag, tweeted that Ross was his “childhood idol,” and the diva herself even appeared as his first guest on VH1’s The RuPaul Show. It is actually impossible to be more fabulous than a woman who inspires men to dress like women. (The only other star who truly reaches Ross’ fab status is Dolly Parton. That is a fact.) And Ross still dresses better than her legions of impersonators. The Daily Mail reported that just this month, at the Hollywood Bowl, Ross donned “waves of taffeta” that “sparked with bedazzled silver stones.” The former Supreme is idolized not only by gays but also by music fans. Her romance with Motown Records founder Berry Gordy is shown for all on Broadway in the aptly titled Motown: The Musical. She’s also still releasing albums, such as 2007’s I Love You, on which she sings tunes by Harry Nilsson and Burt Bacharach, among others. In a rare interview, Ross told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Music is like love. It feels good. It’s about sharing. It’s very special. Music is like the heartbeat of our world.”
Wed., Sept. 4, 8 p.m., 2013


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