The Stone That the Builder Refused

After their communal performance venue got shut down, it seemed the Cornerstoners, local hip-hoppers/Latin rockers with talent and energy to burn, would go the way of many a Miami band -- that is, split up and fade into oblivion, leaving fans to reminisce about them over blunts and beers. No such luck, homies. On their MySpace page, the group members boast, “We don’t die; we multiply.” And they’ve done just that by creating their own promotions groups, printing their own flyers, booking their own venues, and taking the scene into their own hands. Gotta give them props for keeping the dream alive.

Their promotions outfit, A-HA Events, stands for Artists Helping Artists, and tonight at the Arts & Mind Center, there’ll be a whole lot of that going on. Culture in the City is presenting a Cornerstoners reunion that will feature the original core group of MCs -- E. Grizzly, Michelangelo, Lydian, and Victor -- and present their music, poetry, and artistic creativity for those who remember the good ol’ days as well as those who have never before experienced their particular cultural fusion. The reunion begins at 7:30. Call 305-752-9595, or visit for more event information, and check out to keep up with the band’s latest happenings.
Wed., Jan. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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