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The Sound of Dysfunction

College theater departments are often a testing ground for students who daydream of Broadway, so often you find tired retreads of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Theater or The Music Man as unfortunate attempts at entertainment. Which is why we’re so grateful for the University of Miami’s Department of Theater Arts. Yes, in seasons past it has offered versions of both aforementioned theatrical staples, but these students are ready for a challenge and aren’t about to serve an eager audience warmed-up leftovers. Beginning tonight Reconstructing Mama hits the stage at the on-campus Hecht Studio Theater.

The irreverent musical was written by Stephen Svoboda, a theater arts professor who won Best Ensemble at the New York International Fringe Festival for his quirky play Odysseus Died from AIDS. Reconstructing Mama puts a ribald musical spin on a screwed-up family dealing with the death of its mentally ill matriarch. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll pay a $30 admission for tonight’s 8:00 showing and postplay reception. From Friday through Sunday, admission is by donation
July 26-29


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