The Science of Rok Shots and Dragon Rolls

Any combo of seafood, booze, and shaking your ass sounds like a seriously noxious cocktail, the gastro-intestinal — not to mention social — equivalent of a suicide bomb. Yet leading PhDs of party science appear to have found the perfect fusion of these three superexplosive elements. Their formula: two parts sushi, one part rice wine, followed by a head-banging chaser. And now, to the delight of all amateur researchers, this major discovery has finally made it out of the lab and into the streets for Rok & Roll Thursdays.

The Catalina Hotel’s Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi kicks off the experiment with a dinner party. For 20 bucks, you’ll get a pair of signature maki rolls and a dose of sake. Then stagger across the street to Rok Bar (1905 Collins Ave., Miami Beach), where you can trade your meal receipt for free admission and a “Rok Shot.” But — remember the formula — don’t forget to bang your head.
Thu., March 26, 7 p.m., 2009


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