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Thanks to Tiger's inability to control his wood, the wonderful world of golf has devolved into a celebrity soap opera. Prior to the events of the past few months, though, no one would have ever predicted it, because golfers are typically goofy guys who dress in nerdy clothing and chase a tiny white ball through giant fields. Is that sexy? Apparently one in every three Orlando cocktail waitresses says yes!

Now, unfortunately, this weekend's CA Championship on the Blue Monster at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa won't be the stud fest South Florida's golf groupies were anticipating. For one, Tiger is on indefinite hiatus. For another, Ernie "the Big Easy" Els seems chronically exhausted. That might limit the eye candy to last year's winner, Lefty (AKA Phil Mickelson), and a group of 70 other aging pros. The field is looking a little less sexy every minute for a game Mark Twain once described as "a good walk spoiled."
March 12-14, 9 a.m., 2010


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