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The Phrase that Pays

Every day you drink café con leche, eat a pastelito, order your rum and coke as a Cuba Libre, and have no idea what any of it means. We suggest Google for the first two, but maybe we’ll slide you one delicious freebie. Daniel Guiteras, whose family owns the Globe Cafe, also produces the annual Cuba Libre Block Party. He knows a little something about the real meaning of the phrase that refreshes. “Cuba Libre represents the freedom that Cubans are hoping for in the very near future. I’m the son of Cuban exiles. I was born in Miami. Certainly for my parents’ generation and my generation, it’s the hope that we will be able to experience the Cuba that my parents knew,” says Guiteras.

Every year the Guiteras family throws this open-air concert and street festival that some call an upscale Calle Ocho. There’ll be live music, a cigar lounge, and plenty of food and drinks. Revelers are encouraged to throw on their Cuban-chic attire for this free party, which starts at 4:00 p.m. and stretches all along the 300 block of Alhambra Circle between Le Jeune Road and Salzedo Avenue in Coral Gables.
Fri., May 18, 4 p.m.


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