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The Origin of Suspense

If you’re familiar with Jordanian-American author Diana Abu-Jaber’s typical genres, chances are you come to her work expecting sensitive portrayals of Arab Muslim protagonists, and a fresh perspective on the corners of the world that are so often demonized in action movies. Thanks to Arabian Jazz, Crescent, and The Language of Baklava, readers turn to Abu-Jaber for rich character development, dramatic tension, passion, and intelligently crafted prose. But now she has gone for the jugular with Origin, her first foray into the fast-paced action/thriller genre. With fellow writers such as Chuck Palahniuk encouraging her into the world of suspense, she has learned to trust her knack for vivid description, taking her latest heroine, Lena Dawson, into truly creepy territory. Now that Origin has just been re-released in paperback, Clive Cussler and Dean Koontz better watch their backs. There’s a new thriller in town, and we ain’t talking about Michael Jackson.

At Books & Books, Abu-Jaber will share the tale of a fingerprint expert in Syracuse, New York, on the trail of a serial baby-killer. The setting and plot might give you chills, but the warmth of the author herself should balance it all out quite nicely.
Wed., May 28, 2008


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