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The Nightlife King

There’s no better icon of ’90s South Beach nightlife than Gerry Kelly, the man behind legendary nightclubs such as Shadow Lounge and Level. However, in the past decade, it seems Kelly’s star has fallen a bit. There were missteps including the impossible-to-find the Fifth, doomed-from-the-start Karu & Y, and the not-in-South-Beach MI-IV. Did he honestly think Miami’s glitterati was going to trek to Hallandale to party? But never mind the blemishes — the king is back where he belongs. Now working for Lux — formerly Liquid and later Suite and then Snatch — he finds himself right on Washington Avenue, the core of the Beach’s nightlife district. And what better way to celebrate the heyday of nightlife than with a Studio 54 bash in Kelly’s honor this Saturday?

Produced by South Beach fixture Pamela Canellas, the party promises to deliver late-’70s New York disco-cool complete with classic tunes by DJs Lazaro Leon and Vertigo. Don’t miss the complimentary cocktails from 10 to 11 p.m. And be sure to dress the part: They didn’t just let anyone into Studio 54 back in the day, so what makes you think they are going to start now? Tickets cost $20, and the party begins at 10 p.m. Call 305-672-1515 or visit
Sat., Oct. 9, 10 p.m., 2010


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