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The New Bohemians

Welcome to Coconut Grove — artist community turned hotbed of chichi consumerism bordering balmy Biscayne Bay. At this picturesque crossroads, where battered bohemia meets rampant capitalism, locals fondly remember their subtropical enclave’s freewheeling cultural vibe during the Grove’s Sixties and Seventies heyday. For some folks who recall hitting a bong under a banyan tree before checking out the work of local street artists, good news is here. Nearly a dozen area galleries have joined forces to organize the Coconut Grove Art Stroll the first Saturday of every month, offering a heady mix of eclectic art and grooves under a blanket of stars.

At 7 p.m., kick off the tour at the Heart of the Grove Gallery, which is showcasing at its funky space the works of the GroveHouse Artists group. After inhaling the buzz, float over to the Midori Gallery or the Butter Gallery down the road at Commodore Plaza before crashing CocoWalk’s Alternate Arts Space Gallery (3015 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove) for a wine and cheese fix to go with that dose of yesteryear.
First Saturday of every month, 2008


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