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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

For those of you who might have seen the billboards around town and wondered, “Wasn’t Cirque du Soleil here like a month ago?” here’s the good news: You’re not crazy. The arguably most famous avant-garde acrobatic troupe just completed a run in downtown Miami, c’est vrai. And now a slightly similar Cirque is here to delight with flights of fancy and displays of lithe athleticism. Neil Goldberg’s Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy promises a lavish production, astounding acrobatics, and, according to a review by the Washington Post, a stage set reminiscent of “a fevered dreamscape that suggests The Lion King on magic mushrooms.” Sounds like our weekend plans have just been made!

Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy promises to thrill little ones, their parents, and stoned adults alike. Kids will go crazy for the menagerie onstage — spoiler alert, there’s a unicorn! Moms can gawk at the high-flying eye candy — the show is all about shirtless gymnasts sailing through the air. And to the stoners, we have six words: glow-in-the-dark costumes, dude. Cirque Dreams will rock the Seminole Hard Rock through this Sunday. Tickets cost $35, $50, and $65.
Thu., Jan. 22; Fri., Jan. 23; Sat., Jan. 24; Sun., Jan. 25, 2009


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