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The Heat Has Cooled

The Miami Heat kicked the year off with a bang with a franchise-best 6-1 record in the first weeks of the regular season. Since then however, they’ve been hit with a mild case of The Mediocrity, dropping games to top tier teams like the Magic, Cavs and Celtics as well as bottom of the barrel teams like the Wizards and Thunder. It hasn’t helped that Dwyane Wade has hit a couple of rough patches out of the gate. D-Wade’s jump shot has gone MIA at times, and he seems to be settling for the low percentage shots, such as chucking it from the cheap seats, when he should be taking it to the hole and mashing it in someone’s face. Michael Beasley has been solid, and the improved play of Jermaine O’Neal has been a welcome sight. Mario Chalmers, however, continues to be a card-carrying member of the Justice League of Suck. (Can this guy hit any shot besides an occasional three?) The Heat look to get back on track tonight against the Toronto Raptors.
Tue., Dec. 15, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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