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The Good Old Grove

Long before Gianni Versace turned a seaside tenement into the diamond-studded, velvet rope-strewn glamour parade that is South Beach, there was Coconut Grove. One of Miami’s oldest and most culture-rich neighborhoods, the Grove was once considered the East Village of the South. Poets, artists, beatniks, and hippies mingled under the shade of ample trees, grooving to the culture-birthing music of the day. In the town where Jim Morrison famously whipped out his junk at Dinner Key Auditorium, the music never stopped. A new bar named simply for its address, 3484 Main Highway, carries on the culture of live local music in the Grove.

Every Friday night, longtime Grovites jam to the sounds of popular local classic rock bands. “We’re continuing the tradition of local music once housed by the legendary Taurus,” says 3484 and Bougainvillea owner Loic Delvat. The bar has a neighborhood watering-hole feel, from the amiable staff to the ample brew selection. Tonight C.O. Jones (cojones) plays. There’s no cover, and you can enjoy great food and cocktails all night.
Fridays, 2007


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