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The Firkin Courts Jesters

Spend enough time on Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove and you might begin feeling like you stepped into some kind of strange portal. Two of the lane’s flagship establishments seem pretty incongruous in sunny Miami. The log cabin aesthetic that Mr. Moe’s is rocking can be decidedly disorienting if you’re inebriated enough. The pub across the street, Firkin & Friar, looks like Old World literary Spain on the outside and feels like jolly olde England on the inside. To feel like British royalty, order a pint, tuck into a slab of shepherd’s pie, and enjoy entertainment by a throng of amateur jesters at tonight’s open mike night. The spotlight will be on an ever-rotating cast of spoken-word poets, aspiring rappers, and beer-fueled singers. “The crowd is young and there are a lot of drinkers, so there’s a really involved audience,” explains Josh Murillo of Pokerface Productions, the group that organizes the fortnightly event. The show begins at 10:15, and aspiring performers should arrive early. Admission is free. Call 786-514-1462, or e-mail
Sun., Aug. 27


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