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The Eyes Have It

She comes onstage with the flowing brown hair and piercing green eyes of a modern-day screen siren, but once she grabs the mike, you know Tammy Pescatelli is there to do more than play the girlfriend to some corny, tight-shirt-wearing hero. Then she says, “Hi, my name’s Tammy Pescatelli. Yeah, that's a Sicilian name -- not all of us are in the mob. Some of us are in the witness protection program. Some of us are dead. Some of us are retired.” And just like that, the girl you were just swooning over has you on the floor, doubled over with laughter.

Yeah, she’s pretty, you superficial Miamian, but as one of the top comedians in the country, the Sicilian-American Pescatelli just might make you laugh while she’s rebuffing you and your lame-ass come-ons. While holding court as one of the final five on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2, she proved herself to the nation; now let her prove herself to you tonight until Sunday, June 3, at the Miami Improv. Call 305-441-8200, or visit for showtimes and tickets.
May 31-June 3


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