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The Dawning of Your New Wardrobe

Are you stuck in a fashion rut? Do you have a perfectly formed groove around your midsection from your excessive use of waist-cinching belts? If you answered yes, maybe your body on a Friday evening and your wardrobe aren’t so different — they’re both in need of some Toxic Cocktails. While the type that you throw down your pie-hole may have names like “99 Bananas on Ice” and “Everclear with a Splash of Moonshine,” the kind that you wear are part of a collection of raw concoctions of materials like organza paired with glass, crystals, and latex. Designer Kayce Armstrong explains it better: “I think that there’s a hunger for diversity and edginess, something that goes out on a ledge.” Her fashion show is called “Underground Sunshine II” and it’s not going to feature your average models in a white room on a white runway production. The historic Lincoln Bank lobby, location of the restaurant Soya y Pomodoro, will be transformed into a subway platform complete with all the sights and sounds of underground travel. Try to wrap a belt around that. RSVP by e-mailing
Fri., April 6, 7 p.m.


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