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The Daily Show of Improv

Improvisational theater, the kind doled out by Chasing Tales at Just the Funny Theater, isn’t simply about comedy. Sure, it’s funny. But that’s mostly circumstantial. The point is to tell a story. And getting the gist of the story is the real fun of improv. At least that’s how member Carey Kane sees it, and she should know because she founded the troupe of homegrown talent. “The cast is made up of some heady people,” Kane says. “We usually do some political satire or commentary on the state of the world.” But, really, who are they kidding? Chasing Tales tells stories the way Jon Stewart delivers the news. Only their show is even better because you get to participate. You tell the castmates — an eclectic group that ranges in age from 28 to 60 — what they should riff about. So if you take in their first fall performance, make sure to show up with some ideas (e.g., the situation in Iraq or the Situation on Jersey Shore).
Sat., Sept. 25, 9 p.m., 2010


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