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The Cake Also Rises

Taking a break from baking a birthday cake, young-adult author Adrian Fogelin spoke with New Times about living on a boat in Key West, working as a librarian in Tallahassee, and settling down to write her first book at age 35. Books have always been in her blood – Adrian grew up the daughter of fiction writer Maria B. Fogelin -- but she admits it’s not an easy gig. “It’s so hard to sell a book,” Adrian says. “You have to love to write.” Even if it is work, it can still be fun. “You have an alternate life where you are in control,” she adds. And though her novels may be poignant, they are not dreadfully depressing like many books for teens. “Kids have told me that they don’t need happy endings, but I do!” she exclaims. “I try to put hope in the books; I think kids exist on hope.” Meet the author today at 3:00 at the West Kendall Regional Library. She will also appear at the North Dade branch (2455 NW 183rd St., North Miami) on August 8 at 4:00. Admission is free. Call 305-375-2665, or visit
Wed., Aug. 9


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