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The Birth of Mirth

We’re two months into 2008, and you're getting that icky feeling that maybe you're not going to get everything you want this year. Your new year's resolutions are crumbling, and you've developed a deep spiritual malaise that's threatening to turn into humorless self-pity. Yikes! “Laughter is the best medicine,” says Reader's Digest, but you need professional help. Comedy might be the cure. Here’s what you’re looking for: One of Miami's finest comedy-improv troupes, Just the Funny, is celebrating its ninth anniversary tonight with two rollicking interactive performances.

These special shows will feature the troupe's best sketches and characters from the past almost-decade, jazzed up with new bits based on audience suggestions. They dare you to bring strange and unusual objects (no, not that) for use in the show. The Just the Funny Theater and Training Center has weekly shows as well as improv and sketch-writing classes for kids and adults. Come laugh away that spiritual malaise. Tickets for the ninth-anniversary shows cost $10 for the 9 p.m. performance, $5 for 11 p.m., or $12 for both.
Sat., March 1, 2008


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