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The Big Draw

At The Americas Collection, paper isn’t playing second fiddle to the canvas anymore. The gallery recognizes that for centuries, works on paper have been shuffled into the background. “The Beauty of Paper,” its current exhibit, features dozens of striking examples of why modern artists chose this surface for its versatile quality and immediacy of expression.

The show includes works by modern masters such as Cundo Bermúdez, Roberto Matta, José María Mijares, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, and Rufino Tamayo, opening a radiant window onto the diversity of styles and approach to this media and its evolution in the contemporary art world. Examples include Miró’s tantalizing, wildly colored organic forms and calligraphic scribbles, as well as Tamayo’s mysterious totemic figures and dense surfaces — among the most powerful on display this Saturday through July 30. Call 305-466-5578, or visit
July 19-30, 2008


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