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The Best Poem Ever, by Jimmie

I was peeling a banana
When a genie came out!
I turned off Hannah Montana
And he started to shout:

“Little Jimmy, today’s your day,
I’m here to grant you a wish!
How about a million sundaes
Or an immortal goldfish!”

He was the coolest genie
With his motorcycle and cowboy hat
I bet he’d seen girls in bikinis
And was the best at Mortal Kombat.

I said, “I want to be a poet
I gotta have no fear!
I’m gonna push it to the limit!
Take me to the Kids’ Poetry Workshop taught by Denise Lanier!

At 2 p.m.
on Sunday, April 19
So I’ll get to skip church!
I’ll write poems about my friends, the best day ever, all of my creation,
And I get to skip church!”

The genie looked at me,
Began to shake his head,
“Little Jimmy, the workshop is free,
Use your wish on something else instead!”

“Oh,” I replied, feeling a little silly,
So I wished for a Tyrannosaurus
And then I decided I didn’t want to rhyme anymore
Because rhyming Tyrannosaurus is hard and I’d rather ride one all day and scare people!
Sun., April 19, 2 p.m., 2009

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