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The Beginning of the End

Sad to say, but there’s less than a month until the Miami Marlins’ season ends. Beginning this Monday, the Fish will have their final meeting of the year against division rivals the Atlanta Braves, and with it will be the final moments for Marlins fans to revel in baseball loserdom. So what has the team learned from this past season? First, team owner Jeffrey Loria still thinks “winning” means losing a lot of games. Also, the team learned that Giancarlo Stanton will look great in another team’s uniform. And the team’s history has taught us that the countdown to losing Jose Fernandez to another team for a handful of minor-leaguers has already begun. It’s tough being a Marlins fan, so we might as well enjoy what we have when we have it. There’s something oddly gratifying in seeing potential MVP candidates or multiple triple-crown winners when they’re still shackled to Miami’s MLB farm-league “professional” baseball team.
Mon., Sept. 9, 7:10 p.m., 2013


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