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The Art of Noise

Rock and roll swagger might be a great draw onstage, but Windy City curator Dominic Molon knows an exhibit mixing music and art is a cocksure hook for drawing stadium-size crowds to the art arena too. “Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967” taps into the enduring relationship between rock music and contemporary art over the past four decades and marks the first major exhibition of its kind. Molon launched his bottle to the mouth at the Museum of Contemporary Art with a blockbuster show featuring more than 100 works by 56 artists and artist collectives, with an emphasis on global groove.

Named for the classic Rolling Stones’ tune, the show charts the crossroads of both cultural forms through album cover design, music videos, film, and other materials exploring the cross-pollination between the visual avant-garde and irreverent rock sounds. It riffs on Andy Warhol’s legendary flirtations with Velvet Underground in 1967, as well as a major installation by British artist Jim Lambie, whose rocker background influences his work. To amp up the thunder, MoCA has organized a full summer of events in conjunction with the show, including rock documentaries, lectures, and a Battle of the Bands performance series featuring local talent. Through September 7.
May 29-Sept. 7, 2008


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