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The Arsht Will Be Alive

In 1928, music lovers could tune into The Edison Hour each week for the “Music Map of the World.” Listeners of the broadcast concert enjoyed the sonic pleasures emerging from different corners of the globe. One week, they’d be bobbing their heads to the beats of Africa; the next, line dancing to the bagpipes of a Scottish quartet. As with most culturally important events of yesteryear, The Edison Hour is getting a makeover. As part of the Arsht Center’s salute to the 25th anniversary of Miami Book Fair International, the Center for Emerging Art’s (CEA) chamber ensemble will perform revamped regional classics at the Music Map of the World Afternoon Tea Concerts.

“This is a modern re-creation of the ‘Music Map of the World’ and the works of famous composers of different parts of the world,” the CEA’s executive director, Ava Rado, explains. “Our concert gives voice to the cultural roots of great composers from seven continents.” This Sunday night your ears will be blessed with the sounds of Germany, Austria, and Italy. The tunes begin at 2 p.m., and for a suggested donation of $27.50, you can get tickets for the concert and high tea. Visit
Sun., Oct. 19, 2008


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